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CCC at 50: A Legacy of Innovation and Leadership

It’s difficult to imagine a time before digitized turbomachinery control systems, yet a little more than 50 years ago, these essential algorithms were pneumatic and limited. Productivity was simply defined as designing efficient, reliable machines. That all changed with the pioneering work of CCC’s co-founder, Naum Staroselsky. His six patents paved the path to a thriving new industry around computerized turbomachinery controls — and a first adopter that he and his co-founders aptly named Compressor Controls Corporation. Fifty years and two billion hours of operational experience later, CCC is continuing to lead the way in an operational landscape where productivity is becoming synonymous with autonomy. 

As CCC celebrates a half-century of innovation and leadership, we’re looking back to the milestones that define our company, the compressor controls space and the customers we serve. But we’re also looking ahead to all that we’ll accomplish as part of the Honeywell family. Whether you’re a CCC customer, team member or partner, an OEM or operator, an industry veteran or just embarking upon your career, we invite you to join us on a journey into turbomachinery controls innovation — one that will shape our industry’s secure future well beyond the next 50 years.

Five Decades of Compressor Controls Progress

Like the industries we serve, the CCC story is dynamic and ever-evolving. Discover the milestones that shaped our company and today’s turbomachinery controls landscape.






































Foundation (1974 to 1983)

CCC is established in
Des Moines, Iowa

CCC is the first company focused on antisurge protection controllers with behaviors distinct from general purpose controllers.

Foundation (1974 to 1983)

Trials with existing control technologies yield no breakthrough

The results of extensive technology trials compel the company to explore its own hardware development.

Foundation (1974 to 1983)

Staroselsky secures patents for CCC’s main algorithms

These six algorithms establish compressor controls as a specialized operational focus and form the foundation of CCC’s future solutions.

Foundation (1974 to 1983)

CCC develops its first microprocessor controller, PMC

With the launch, the company becomes a solution provider offering its own hardware, software and services.

Foundation (1974 to 1983)

Key personnel join CCC,
shaping its early growth

As the first orders for CCC’s microprocessor controller roll in, the company hires project engineers, field engineers and leaders including Saul Mirsky.

Foundation (1974 to 1983)

CCC launches Series 2

Developed in partnership with Sibthorp Electronics, the company’s first microprocessor-based antisurge controller includes standardized control applications based on its patented algorithms. It also establishes a 40msec loop time.

Foundation (1974 to 1983)

The company’s revenue
surpasses $1M

This growth milestone coincides with the hiring of John Hampel from Fisher Controls to lead CCC’s sales organization.

Growth (1984 to 1993)

Honeywell begins representing CCC in the European Union

This marks the first collaboration between the two companies.

Growth (1984 to 1993)

CCC enters the ethylene market

CCC completes its first installations in ethylene plants, leveraging its advanced algorithms for refrigeration machine handling. In the same year, the company’s revenue surpasses $10M, signaling the start of a growth period in which the company accelerates its technological development and global expansion.

Growth (1984 to 1993)

CCC launches Series 3

Series 3 offers easier configuration and installation than Series 2 and implements a new application code. The launch supports the company’s growth in control system design and manufacturing.

Growth (1984 to 1993)

CCC introduces loadsharing algorithms and EAS surge detector

The advanced loadsharing algorithms fulfill the need for enhanced air compressor control in textile operations. An early surge detection technology, the EAS is designed to prevent costly equipment damage in process gas compressors.

Growth (1984 to 1993)

CCC launches steam turbine controls and Series 3 Plus

Signaling CCC’s entry into integrated solutions, the steam turbine controls set a new benchmark for steam turbine reliability, stability and safety. The Series 3 Plus features EEPROMs for the first time, allowing users to download application code from a PC.

Growth (1984 to 1993)

CCC conducts its
first trials at Gazprom

The trials reveal the need for a specialized gas turbine controller. In the same year, CCC expands into a key U.S. energy market with the opening of its Houston office. 

Growth (1984 to 1993)

Roper acquires CCC

The move ushers in an era of international expansion for the fast-growing company, which opens its Moscow office as it reaches a frame agreement with Gazprom.

Acceleration (1994 to 2003)

CCC launches the
Series 4 control system

Developed by Bob Sibthorp, Series 4 signifies the company’s entry into programmable logic controllers.

Acceleration (1994 to 2003)

CCC conducts its
first Series 4 trial

In the same year, the company launches gas turbine controls for Series 3+ and Series 4, with Alan Hall spearheading design, and introduces a dedicated team for steam turbine controls. The team operates under the leadership of Byron Broussard, an influential figure in CCC’s steam turbine controls business.

Acceleration (1994 to 2003)

CCC revenue surpasses $50M

This exponential growth is driven largely by Gazprom contracts and the success of Broussard in selling large-scale Series 4 projects with steam turbine controls.

Acceleration (1994 to 2003)

CCC begins development on TrainTools® and Series 5

Used to configure, operate and monitor CCC’s control systems, the company’s landmark TrainTools® software is developed by Alex Novitsky’s team in St. Petersburg. Developed in the same year, Series 5 features open software Standard IEC-61131, Profibus and OPC communications, 100 msec execution rates and improved environmental classification.

Later in 1997, CCC’s patent count reaches 25 — a milestone that comes amid improvements to the company’s hallmark antisurge and loadsharing algorithms.

Acceleration (1994 to 2003)

CCC expands further into the global market

New office openings in Singapore and China signify the company’s global growth even as Russia remains a core business unit.

Acceleration (1994 to 2003)

CCC begins shipping Series 5

A response to the Gazprom unit’s automation demands and Series 4 obsolescence, Series 5 introduces marked improvements in parallel and series loadsharing. CCC opens its Netherlands office, starting a regional expansion of its sales, project engineering and field service global presence.

Acceleration (1994 to 2003)

CCC enters the power
generation market

As large-scale Series 5 shipments reach Gazprom, the company enters the power generation sector, with a focus on large utility turbines featuring electric actuators. CCC also establishes its Italian branch to better serve customers and accelerate growth in Europe.

Acceleration (1994 to 2003)

CCC launches Reliant and Vantage purpose-built systems

As Gazprom shipments continue, the company grows its general-purpose steam turbine business.

Acceleration (1994 to 2003)

CCC forms the Utility Turbine Business unit

The unit reaches $7M in revenue as the Gazprom market declines and Tim Winfrey becomes CCC President. The Roper executive oversees a period of evolution at CCC, which includes the launch of Series 4 EOT in that same year. The launch represents a significant advancement in overspeed trip.

Evolution (2004 to 2013)

CCC establishes Guardian® Overspeed Protection

In the same year, the company introduces the Reliant-based AirMiser.

Evolution (2004 to 2013)

Middle East office opens

The new offices come amid the company’s rapid expansion in the West and Gulf countries.

Evolution (2004 to 2013)

CCC introduces Series 3++

The launch, which establishes CCC’s commitment to providing seamless upgrades for legacy systems, includes advancements in TrainTools HMI and communication capabilities.

Evolution (2004 to 2013)

CCC launches Series 5M

The platform prolongs the lifecycle of Series 4 systems.

Evolution (2004 to 2013)

CCC revenue surpasses $100M

Amid rapid growth in new construction initiatives, the company brings Setpoint, UCG and Trinity into the CCC group.

Evolution (2004 to 2013)

CCC introduces
TrainTools Web Services

The launch reflects CCC’s advanced digital capabilities and eye for innovation.

Evolution (2004 to 2013)

CCC conducts its first trials of the Prodigy® controls platform

The leading-edge platform fulfills a growing need for cybersecurity and connectivity in the industrial landscape.

Innovation (2014 to 2024)

CCC integrates MakerPro with TrainTools®

MakerPro replaces the Prodigy Builder while maintaining the same functionality and enhancing ease of use.

Innovation (2014 to 2024)

India office opens

The new office expands CCC’s presence in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) as the company experiences rapid regional growth. In that same year, CCC expands its Prodigy® applications  to include Voith Vorecon and Quench. The company also forges a partnership with Rexa that enables customers to achieve seamless steam turbine retrofits with world-class controls.

Innovation (2014 to 2024)

CCC introduces
optimization studies

The offering helps organizations evaluate and enhance turbomachinery and connected processes.

Innovation (2014 to 2024)

CCC launches the
EAS 3++ Surge Detector

In that same year, the company introduces its valve and transmitter diagnostics tools.

Innovation (2014 to 2024)

CCC Inside™
transforms the market

The solution brings the company’s world-class controls inside the DCS for the first time.

Innovation (2014 to 2024)

Honeywell acquires CCC

The acquisition fosters new levels of synergy and integration between two innovative companies. Later that year, CCC receives its ISASecure® Security Development Lifecycle Assurance (SDLA) certification, which recognizes the company’s rigorous cybersecurity product development processes.

Innovation (2014 to 2024)

CCC launches Next Gen HMI, CCC Pro Built Security Enhancements

Next Gen HMI provides an intuitive, scalable HTML5 web-based interface for the connected world.  Amid this solution launch, the company supports customers with proven capabilities for the energy transition, including hydrogen, ammonia, alternative fuels, LNG and emissions reduction.

CCC Pro Built Security advancements bring the latest cybersecurity best practices to CCC customers. In the same year, CCC expands its platform offering by introducing Guardian® SDS for surge detection and Guardian® ODS for certified overspeed protection, and Prodigy® receives ISASecure CSA SL2 certificate.

A Culture Where Diversity and Innovation Thrive

The beginning from 1974 to 1983. The first CCC office was shared with Ladin Textile.

Naum Staroselsky, founder, holding a Process Control Module. The first controller type sold. Circa 1978.

Series 3 plus demo system. Circa 1989.

Russian market developed fast in the 90's. HMI development for some projects. Trainview 1.

Christmas Party 1990. Des Moines, IA

Halloween party, Des Moines, IA. Circa ‘95.

Picnic, Des Moines, IA. 1991

International headquarter inauguration. Des Moines, IA. 2012

Sales meeting, Dubai (UAE), 2017

Abu Dhabi Office, Sales meeting 2022

India Office, new offices inauguration, May 2023

Honeywell acquisition, June 2023

TPS 2023

Italy Office, White Elephant gift exchange. Christmas 2023.

Group photo at Netherland office 2023.

Since its earliest days, the CCC story has been shaped by people — our passionate employees, collaborative partners and trusting customers.  As we celebrate a half-century of progress, we’re reflecting on all the people who have contributed their ideas, expertise, collaboration and passion. Together, we’ve built a thriving global community where diversity unlocks true innovation.

Our Employees

Over the decades, our workforce has grown from a small group of passionate founders to 310 domain experts. Our employees hail from all corners of the globe and countless turbomachinery disciplines, but they’re united by a shared passion for driving progress.

At CCC, we work tirelessly to maximize value for our customers and partners. But we also believe in fostering a culture that celebrates our employees. When asked about working at CCC, our employees shared numerous memories that embody our culture: attending global gatherings at our Des Moines headquarters, collaborating with team members on challenging projects and feeling like part of a supportive family from day one. 


I’ve been working for CCC for 13 years, and I still remember the day when I started my journey, when I opened the door and one of my colleagues welcomed me. It was the beginning of amazing personal and professional growth. Since the first day, I felt part of the CCC family.

When I joined the Italian Finance Team, my responsibilities were initially restricted to a limited role. I was totally engaged and committed to do more and better. A few years later, my manager left and I had the opportunity to become the new Italian Finance Manager, then the Controller and now I’m the European Controller. In 10 years, I have had tremendous growth. I must thank the company and my managers who believed and gave me the possibility to go over my known limits and do what I can do best, every day.

CCC’s culture — integrity, career opportunity, broad communication top-down and vice versa, respect at any level of the organization — drove me during my journey. I have had the privilege to work and interact with international teams where cooperation, flexibility and listening are key elements. The secret of our success is the strong engagement and the willingness to help each other. We face challenges together as a group.
Several good memories come to my mind about the past decade, it’s quite impossible to list all of them, but the one I like most is related to the Innovation Week organized in 2019. I took part in the event organized in Des Moines and, because I didn’t want to miss the one organized in the Milan office scheduled for the same day, I joined via Skype. It was really funny, as at that time video calls were not popular like they are today. Among the others, there was a cooking challenge and the only regret I have is that I didn’t have the opportunity to taste the dish that won the competition!

My wish is that CCC retains its strong culture, which contributes to it being such a great place to work.

Santina Martino
Europe Controller
Milano Office

I am a Field Engineer based in CCC’s Singapore office. Working here has been an incredible experience for me. The company offers an excellent working experience, and the supportive culture from my manager and other function departments is truly amazing. I am so proud to be part of this company.

Since joining CCC in 2015, I have had the opportunity to get involved in many diverse projects. One highlight was a new refinery plant in Vietnam. This project has allowed me to learn the entire refinery process, which involves so many compressor applications. Most importantly, the collaboration of every CCC department was fantastic, from project to final commissioning!

SaiJoo Chia
Field Engineer

I started on January 1, 2015, as Sales Group Director for the regions Europe and Africa plus supporting the Trinity business. Besides a warm welcome, CCC directly got me involved in all aspects of their business and gave full trust in me to develop and roll out one of the new initiatives. Brand new in the company meeting with my colleagues in the region, I went in the second week of my employment to our headquarters in Des Moines to take part in a strategic planning exercise. One of the outcomes was for me to develop, own and roll out Account Management tools and skills development for the global sales team. For me this was a clear indicator that CCC can make decisions fast, give ownership and always look for challenges to keep on par or better with market demands.

Personally, this Account Management initiative was a good exercise because I was able to meet the global team and learned — on a fast track — all about the global organization. It also directly showed me the trust a company has in their (newly hired) employees. Over time, the organization changed to a more regional-focused business and gave me a new challenge as General Manager. I became part of the leadership team, with one of my first tasks being to steer and remotely manage the organization through COVID-19. Besides having some close friendships developed within the organization, it became very clear to me this is a real family, taking care of each other in good and bad times! This is the real foundation of CCC. Everyone in CCC feels this support, we trust and support each other and that’s why customers rely on us — because we will solve their problems and we will all take care of them at any time.

My hope and trust is that we retain this family feel and continue to be an agile, fast responder seen as a turbomachinery specialist. This is who we are and created the base for the trust we have earned from our customers over the last 50 years.

Harald Stappers
General Manager
Europe and Africa

Celebrating 50 years of CCC feels like commemorating a family milestone! Since I became part of the team in 2016, CCC has transcended being merely a workplace; it’s been my second home. I remember when I first came on board, leaving my previous job and relocating to a new country to join CCC as a Project Engineer. Despite the magnitude of the change, it resonated with me immediately. As I reflect on my time at CCC, I'm reminded of the remarkable strides we've made. It's a source of immense pride to be part of an organization that leads the way in such a critical aspect of our industry and to see the respect we have in the eyes of our customers.

It's remarkable how swiftly the years have passed, propelled by the wealth of learning and exposure provided within the organization. Over the span of 8 years, I've had the opportunity to undertake three distinct roles and work in two entirely diverse regions. Through ups and downs, it's the relationships that have made it all worthwhile. The people at CCC aren't just colleagues; they are companions, guides and at times, even like family. I've relied on them for support, celebrated successes together and grown alongside them.

As we look ahead to the future, there's a new chapter waiting to be written. Regardless of the changes that may unfold, one aspect endures: our connection as members of the CCC family. As long as we stick together and stay true to who we are, I have no doubt that CCC will continue to be a place we're proud to call home. Here's to commemorating 50 years of cherished memories, valued friendship, and collective experiences. And here's to many more years of building something we can all be proud of, together.

Omar Sabry
Account Manager

I started working with the CCC control systems on the first of July 1991 within the Honeywell service department Special Products. It was expected to work 50% on Honeywell products and 50% on CCC equipment (start-up and commissioning). At that time, we still had a two-month probation period, but after one month I was already flying to Des Moines for training at CCC headquarters. This started with a turbomachinery seminar presented by Naum Staroselsky, founder of CCC. His deep knowledge together with the energy and enthusiasm he showed during the seminar really impressed me. That, together with the other great colleagues (some of whom are still with the company), was a warm welcome to the family atmosphere. This is what has stuck with me.

After 6 years working as a field engineer, being away from home a large part of the year, personal reasons forced me to move to a different role in the company. In 1997, I became a Honeywell Sales Engineer dedicated to CCC products until 2000 when Honeywell and CCC decided to part ways. Being part of the CCC Team in the Netherlands, we left Honeywell, and I moved to the CCC systems engineering department where we delivered some great projects in the EurA region. After 5 years, I left CCC but remained working in the turbomachinery control business. In this period, I learned that the grass is not always greener and returned to CCC in 2012, mainly because CCC is truly dedicated to turbomachinery controls without any other distractions from other business.

Nowadays, I am working within the field service department as field coordination manager. I’m thankful for being part of this great team with coordinators and field service engineers performing start-up and commissioning of CCC equipment worldwide. There is a family atmosphere that I remember from the early days, and if someone needs support, we can be assured that the necessary support will be provided, even if we are called in the middle of the night.

Patrick Jongenburger
Field Coordinator

It has been 8 wonderful years at CCC. My earlier experience was all about control system engineering, but here at CCC my work has not only been about controls, but getting to know the final control elements, critical measurement devices validation and multiple controls characterizer calculations. This full-circle exposure offers continuous learning for a controls system engineer.

To be honest, I came to understand the importance of “Mass Flow” compared to “Volumetric Flow aka Rate Flow” only after joining this organization. Life here revolves around hand calculations involving gas compressibility factor, isentropic factor, temperature, pressure, and density, which really satisfies the soul of an engineer.

There is an “aroma” of knowledgeable engineers around to validate any questions any time! The CTO (Staroselsky Serge), the O&G Encyclopedia (Zaghloul Medhat), the CCC Flag bearer (Negley Paul), the Wizard of CCC Hardware (Johnson Ben), to name a few, are always there to answer any questions.

Because CCC is a small team, collaboration happens naturally between sales, engineering, field services and development teams. This is reflected in our quick turn-around in providing resolutions to customer issues. I recollect an experience where the tuning of speed control loop of a steam turbine (prime mover) was completed in a few hours with the synchronized effort between Field Engineer and Project Engineer and Services Lead and the gas compressor was loaded satisfactorily.

This organization has helped in enriching my knowledge on control strategies, field devices and processes. I am sure this is the place to build the career of any “Engineer,” to gain the knowledge and become confident to meet future challenges!

Prasad Adavi
Project Engineer

As we celebrate our company’s remarkable 50th anniversary, I am filled with immense pride and gratitude for being part of this incredible journey for the past 20 years. My adventure began in the US in 2005, where I had the privilege of working with some of the most talented and dedicated professionals in the industry. The experience was only the beginning of a global odyssey that took me to Milan, Italy in 2006, and finally to Abu Dhabi in 2007.

In Abu Dhabi, I witnessed firsthand the phenomenal growth of our Middle East team, expanding from a small group of just 7 people to a robust team of 60 highly skilled professionals. This growth is a testament to our collective dedication and the strong foundation of excellence laid down over the years.

Taking on a new position in 2019 to cover both the Middle East and Asia Pacific regions, I have seen our teams not only grow in numbers but also in expertise and capability. It has been exhilarating to celebrate the opening of new offices in China and India, which marked significant milestones in our expansion. Our team’s ability to continually enhance their skills and knowledge, adding immense value to our customers, is truly inspiring.

One of the most rewarding aspects of my journey has been meeting our customers and hearing their positive feedback. Their appreciation for the exceptional service we provide is a powerful reminder of why we do what we do. It’s a testament to the hard work and dedication of every team member across the globe.

The recent acquisition by Honeywell is another exciting chapter in our story. Hearing the positive market feedback about the CCC brand underlines the strong reputation we have built and continue to uphold.

Celebrating our company’s 50 years is not just about looking back at our past achievements, but also about looking forward to the future with optimism and confidence. I am incredibly proud of what we have accomplished together and eagerly anticipate the continued growth and success that lies ahead.

Here's to many more years of innovation, excellence, and shared success. Happy 50th anniversary!

Fahmi Islam
General Manager Asia Pacific

Our Customers

From our early consulting days to our latest turbomachinery controls initiatives, customers have been the heart of our success. We’ve served more than 5,000 organizations throughout the years, including world-class OEMs, process licensors, EPCs and pioneering end users from every link in the industrial value chain and every continent but Antarctica. Although each customer has its own dynamics, there is a distinct common thread: A willingness to collaborate closely with our experts so that we can deliver tailored, reliable solutions with tangible economic benefits.

A Story of Success with our Customers

Discover how CCC delivers tangible benefits for end user leveraging optimized turbomachinery control.

Success Story

Leading Petrochemical Manufacturer

Explore how CCC Inside helped this industrial leader optimize its turbo train controls, energy savings and economic value.

Success Story

Major National Oil and Gas Company

Learn how CCC helped our customer enhance its turbomachinery performance and processes at a gas compression facility.

Success Story

Ethylene Plant

Discover how CCC helped this operator integrate and optimize its turbomachinery controls for considerably improved yield.

Driving Optimizations Across the Industrial Value Chain

Since our founding in 1974, CCC has steadily expanded its global footprint and impact across the industrial landscape. With each passing decade, we have grown our install base across LNG, petrochemicals, floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) and refineries — and we’re continuing to reach new milestones. The breadth and depth of our experience, which spans industries and processes, allows us to tailor solutions to even the most complex applications.

Evolving to New Technologies

At CCC, innovation is in our DNA. Over the last five decades, we’ve helped our customers stay ahead of an ever-changing industrial landscape through proven innovation and unmatched domain expertise. As organizations navigate an exceedingly complex landscape, we’re committed to evolving our solutions accordingly — empowering our customers to not only succeed today, but to be prepared for what’s next.

  • Investing in Next-Generation Technologies

    We’re leveraging the latest technologies to help our customers embrace digitization, reduce cybersecurity risks and achieve a turbomachinery HMI that unlocks connectivity and collaboration.

  • Maximizing Value Through Product Life Extension

    To maximize customer value, CCC is investing in streamlined migration solutions for each product family. This initiative extends across all CCC products.

  • Delivering Groundbreaking Integrations

    We will continue to prioritize vendor-agnostic solutions that allow end users to utilize our technologies across numerous assets. One example of this commitment in action is CCC Inside, which integrates with leading DCS systems from Honeywell and Yokogawa.

  • Supporting Sustainability

    With a proven track record for unlocking energy savings and process optimization, CCC will continue supporting our customers’ energy transitions and sustainability initiatives. Our controls solutions for CCUS, hydrogen, alternative fuels and bridge fuels such as LNG are already delivering value across the new energy ecosystem.

  • Tapping Into Honeywell Synergies

    Our synergies with Honeywell will accelerate our innovation and technology deployment, to the benefit of our customers and partners worldwide.

Shape the Next 50 Years With Us

For the last 50 years, CCC has built a legacy of leadership and innovation. We’re leveraging these strengths today to build a secure future for our employees, customers and partners. Whether you’re an OEM or end user, industry veteran or just embarking upon your career, we invite you to join us in shaping the next 50 years of turbomachinery performance. Because after a half-century of turbomachinery controls leadership and more than two billion hours of operational experience, there’s one thing we know for certain: There’s more innovation where that came from.

Let’s shape the future of turbomachinery controls together. Contact us now.