Return Material Authorization Form

    *RMA Number:
    *First Name
    *Last Name
    *Job Title:
    *Company Name:
    *CCC Number:
    *PO Number:
    *Bill To Address:
    *Ship To Address:

    IMPORTANT: It is very important to provide the most detailed description that you can to allow for faster identification and resolution of the problem and to expedite the repair and return process. Incomplete information will delay repair.

    *Reason for Return/Detailed Description of Problem:
    *Material Returned:
    *Serial Numbers:

    Note: When providing information regarding LED indicators, supply the status (ON, OFF, or blinking) of all LEDs. For redundant controllers, provide this information for each controller in the set.

    LED Indicators:
    DCS Alarms:

    In order to provide the information necessary to properly diagnose and correct the failure, use the appropriate CCC Configurator software and procedures described in the appropriate Engineering Utilities user manual (UM5518 for Prodigy, S5, and S5M; UM5512 for S5, UM5514 for S4, UM5513 for S3P/S3++) to save the following data to be sent to one of the aforementioned CCC email addresses with a reference to both CCC project number and the RMA number:

    • Current parameter configuration of S3P/S3++ controller, current image file of the S5M or S4 IOM, current snapshot with all parameters of Prodigy, S5 Vanguard or S5 Reliant controller;
    • Current Get Diagnostics (for Prodigy or S5 controllers only);
    • TrainView archive export of all alarms and events for 24 hrs before the failure. The Image File contains information necessary to properly diagnose and correct the failure.

    In the event TrainTools PC is being returned, please include all software originally supplied.

    Contact person who is most knowledgable of the problem:
    Phone Number:
    Best time to call:
    CCC Contact:


    1. Fill out this form completely. When describing the problem, please include the sequence of events leading up to the failure, such as mode and set point changes, alarms, etc.

    2. A PO is required before the Return Authorization Number will be provided. Series 3 Plus, Series 3++, Series 4, Series 5M, Series 5, and Prodigy controllers have a minimum repair fee of $2,500.00 USD per assembly. (Series 4 DC202 will have additional labor charges). Should you require a non-warranty ship-ahead unit, a PO for $5,000.00 USD plus the price of a new unit, must be received prior to the non-warranty replacement unit being shipped.

    3. Pack the items to be returned in a sturdy shipping container, using only ESD safe packing materials.

    Use the original packaging if possible. The following items MUST be included in the returned shipping container:

    • A COPY OF THIS FORM (keep a copy for your records)
    • The failed unit
    • CCC product quote if you are returning obsolete controllers for buy-back credit.

    4. Upon contacting CCC to obtain an RMA number, you will receive “Equipment Return Instructions” including instructions on how to clear Customs in Des Moines.

    Ship prepaid and insured to:

    Compressor Controls Corporation
    ATTN: Service Dept. RMA# _____
    4745 121st Street
    Des Moines, IA 50323-2316, USA

    5. Remove the product as described in the maintenance procedure section of:
    • Publication UM6102 for Prodigy products
    • Publication UM5104 (simplex) and UM5106 (duplex) for Series 5 Vanguard products
    • Publication UM5152 (simplex) or UM5154 (duplex) for Series 5 Reliant products
    • Publication UM8406 (GP) for Vantage products
    • Publication UM8404 for Guardian products
    • Publication UM4001 for Series 4 products
    • Publication TN72 for Series 5M products
    • Publication UM3000H for Series 3++ products
    • Publication IM300H for Series 3 Plus products