Turbomachinery Controls Best Practices: Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS)

Take a deep dive into the role turbomachinery plays in carbon capture and storage to learn best practices for optimization.

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Honeywell Forge Performance+ Asset Performance for Industrials – Turbomachinery Advisor

Enhance Turbomachinery Performance and Reliability by Leveraging the Power of Digital and Embedded Expertise

Introducing an enriched turbomachinery asset model, powered by upon the strong foundational health and performance monitoring capabilities of the Honeywell Forge Asset Performance Management (APM) platform, that adds:

    Achieve quicker and more thorough event investigations
    Minimize and detect energy waste and excess emissions
    Ensure primary control objectives are being met


Experience unparalleled advantages by integrating Turbomachinery Advisor alongside CCC’s proven controls, unlocking the full potential of your turbomachinery. Discover heightened efficiency and insights that seamlessly complement and supplement our real-time controls, helping you to maximize control and potentially realize:

Increased Uptime | Reduced Energy Consumption | Reduced Service Costs and Time

Turbomachinery Advisor Delivers:

  • Continuous health, controls and performance monitoring in a single system
  • Safely operate closer to the surge limit line and reduce energy usage
  • Embedded expertise, guided diagnostics and event analysis

Explore Features

Standard Model Library

No programming required, allowing faster deployment and personnel to focus on optimizing operations.

Guided Root Cause Analysis

Helps you shorten response time and identify the root cause of an event.

Cross-Functional Collaboration

Includes persona-based displays and enterprise-level KPIs.

Flexible Platform

Use your own machine learning algorithms for data analysis.

Dig Deeper into New Modules


Critical Event Analysis | CCC Honeywell Forge APM

Instrument & Controls (I&C) Engineers can:

  • Analyze critical events, including compressor surge and emergency shutdown scenarios.
  • Address the challenge of delayed or incomplete analysis due to the lack of access to high-quality data.
  • Prevent catastrophic consequences, machine damage and production loss.

Key Benefits

  • Cost Savings
    Ranging from tens of thousands to $1 million by avoiding major rotating equipment repair.
  • Risk Mitigation
    Associated with production loss, potentially costing millions of USD for a day of lost production.
  • Timely and Accurate Corrective Actions
    Leading to faster restarts and prevention of secondary damages.

Important Features

The Critical Event Analysis module facilitates faster and safer process restarts by streamlining post-event analysis and provides:

  • 100ms On-Event Data
    Integrates continuous low-res data stream with high-res 100ms on-event data from CCC controllers into Turbomachinery AdvisorForgeAPM.
  • Summary Score Cards
    Provides automated assessment of each critical control loop element performance (e.g., transmitter, valve, etc.) during an event, streamlining initial response.
  • Annotated Key Moments
    Automatically analyzes and annotates trend data to highlight key moments for deeper dive analysis.


Excess Recycle Monitoring | CCC Honeywell Forge APM

Operations Shift Leaders and Instrument & Controls (I&C) Engineers can:

  • Identify and quantify energy wastes associated with antisurge controllers’ operation.
  • Monitor and optimize the operation of antisurge valves to reduce energy consumption and emissions.

Key Benefits

  • Energy and Cost Savings
    Automatic detection of excess recycle conditions to prevent unnecessary energy consumption and associated costs.
  • Environmental Impact Reduction
    Quantification of excess emissions and reduction of carbon footprint through optimized antisurge valve operation.
  • Process Stability and Equipment Protection
    Prevention of delayed control responses, unstable processes and reduced effectiveness in equipment protection.

Important Features

The Excess Recycle Monitoring module identifies and quantifies energy losses and associated emissions from excess recycle and provides these features:

  • Reliable Assessment
    Automatic analysis flags excess recycle where flow through compressor is greater than process demand due to antisurge valve in manual mode.
  • Intuitive Visualizations
    Step-by-step calculations, highlight conditions, statistics and assumptions boost confidence in data and recommended actions.
  • Scalable Beyond Pro Built
    Model and visualization can be deployed on non-CCC Pro Built control systems.


Control Performance Monitoring | CCC Honeywell Forge APM

Instrument & Controls (I&C) Engineers and Process (Controls) Engineers can:

  • Identify and optimize control loops that are underperforming relative to expectations.
  • Improve operational KPIs by understanding and enhancing the efficiency of primary and secondary control loops.

Key Benefits

  • Enhanced Yield and Throughput
    Monitoring, reviewing and implementing performance control optimization can lead to significant improvements in yield and throughput.
  • Revenue Increase
    Example: A 1% improvement in yield resulted in an additional revenue of $10M per year in an Ethylene plant.
  • Operational Efficiency
    Understanding the performance of primary and secondary control loops enhances overall process operations.

Important Features

The Control Performance Module identifies control loops that are underperforming due to various constraints, recommends corrective actions and provides these features:

  • Automated Flagging
    The model automatically flags control loops that are frequently constrained due to secondary control objectives such as process limiting loops.
  • Intuitive Visualizations
    Summary of time spent in each of the control objectives (primary vs. secondary) as well as its associated control quality are displayed.
  • Scalable beyond Pro Built
    The model and visualization can be deployed on non-CCC Pro Built control systems.

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