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CCC Connect for PI System

Securely Integrate High-Resolution Data for Rapid Response to Critical Events

When a critical event such as compressor surge occurs, it is essential to respond quickly to minimize potential downtime. Traditional system integration approaches kept the high-resolution data at the edge – away from your experts. With CCC Connect for PI System, you can get the right data delivered to the right person at the right time.

Key benefits include:

  • Data security preserved
  • Affordable installation in less time than new platforms
  • High-resolution data available in moments
  • Conserve network bandwidth and storage, especially for remote locations
  • Accessible to all with clearance to your PI system, anytime and anywhere
  • Visualize all data in once place

Access High-Resolution Data Right When You Need It

CCC Connect allows for quick response to critical events by enabling remote monitoring of turbomachine trains with high-resolution data down to the millisecond. Its Context Adaptive Resolution (CAR) technology dynamically compresses data up to 99%, providing the high-resolution data you need only when you need it and lowering your bandwidth costs during normal operations.

Context Adaptive Resolution in Action

Integrate with Ease and Security

CCC Connect leverages your existing IT infrastructure, eliminating costly integrations and most common security risks often caused by vendor proprietary networks and legacy integration methods such as OPC DA over DCOM. With the powerful capabilities of OSIsoft PI AF SDK, you are up and running quickly and securely. On a global scale, CCC Connect allows you to monitor your geographically challenging sites from anywhere.

CCC Connect brings your data and experts together while conserving bandwidth. Boost your predictability.