CCC Inside™ for Yokogawa CENTUM VP

Advanced Turbomachinery Controls — Now Inside the Yokogawa FCS

CCC is the industry leader in turbomachinery optimization. With CCC Inside™ for Yokogawa CENTUM VP, you can now harness the power of CCC control applications directly from your Yokogawa Field Control Station (FCS). This seamless integration enables you to reach new levels of efficiency, reliability and safety with your turbomachinery controls. 

You’ll gain access to the same world-class applications and algorithms trusted in 14,000 installations around the world, along with expert assistance from CCC’s global support network. In addition, you’ll be able to manage your controls using CCC’s intuitive user experience — all while keeping your operational architecture flat.

Trusted CCC Controls & Compatibility

ccc control applications

CCC Inside™ for Yokogawa CENTUM VP unlocks further turbomachinery control optimization by bringing CCC’s industry-leading control applications right into the Yokogawa FCS. Push productivity forward with field-tested and operator-trusted applications like Antisurge, Performance, Loadsharing and more. And because CCC Inside™ is developed and supported by CCC, you’ll ensure consistency in your setup with applications already running on CCC Pro Built™ platforms.

CCC’s Intuitive-Yet-Powerful Operator Interface

ccc operator interface

If you’re familiar with CCC Pro Built™ platforms, you’ve likely interacted with our advanced HMI display applications. With CCC Inside™, our HMI libraries have been rebuilt for Yokogawa’s HIS displays, ensuring you always have a window into the performance of your turbomachinery controls.

Effective Commissioning Tools

ccc commissioning tools

CCC Inside™ includes the same commissioning tools our experts have used in 14,000 worldwide installations and counting. Take advantage of engineering utilities such as CCC Configurator and CCC Fast Recorder to tune your turbomachinery controls and reliably record events.

Yokogawa and CCC Collaboration

  • Partnership and commercial agreement for joint development and sales of CCC Inside for CENTUM VP
  • Integration of CCC’s rotating equipment control technology and Yokogawa’s process control technology
  • Shared products and created test beds for development, validation and lifecycle support
  • Rigorous validation process by CCC and Yokogawa
  • Combined engineering and field service capabilities to guarantee timely support for end user operations

Worldwide Support

With CCC and Yokogawa on your side, you’ll receive benefits that extend far beyond your current borders. Take advantage of the global presence and project execution capabilities of both companies while enjoying ongoing validation, support for new software releases, long-term lifecycle support and access to 150+ CCC experts across the globe.

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