Emerson DeltaV Interface


Optimize your software to improve the operator experience with the CCC Smart Gateway for Emerson DeltaV™ Users

Improve operator effectiveness

Now, your CCC turbomachinery control solutions are tightly integrated with DeltaV Operate HMI for maximum operator effectiveness. Collaborative features streamline workflows for site operations team to share critical information, troubleshoot alarms, manage process reliability and achieve energy efficiency.

CCC and Emerson have collaborated to develop DeltaV-CCC Smart Gateway which features:

  • Out-of-the-box visualization templates including faceplates and detail faceplates
  • Integrated alarm management with high context alarming
  • Standardized user manuals
  • Engineering services for configuring and testing the interface
  • Software maintenance and support

Operators are equipped with information to make quick and accurate decisions. Utilization of DeltaV color themes and faceplate designs enables operators to stay on top of critical information about their turbomachinery. If any anomaly occurs, pre-populated CCC alarms help them understand and react to the situation before it escalates.

Adherence to the DeltaV HMI standard makes the new interface consistent with the existing screens – resulting in less confusions and operator training costs.


Easy to Implement…Connect – Install – Download

DeltaV-CCC Smart Gateway features a library of DeltaV HMI components and provides automated data mapping between both platforms.  Simply connect the two systems, install the application library on your DeltaV system, and download CCC-supplied project configurations that match your system to get the optimal interface.

The rigorous standardization, testing, and documentation of the product reduces project risks throughout the interface implementation process.

If you are already using a CCC turbomachinery control system, updating your software to take advantage of the new DeltaV Smart Interface is not complicated. CCC provides a pre-engineered interface package that eliminates learning and design tasks.

A joint team of local CCC and Emerson engineers will help you get DeltaV-CCC Smart Gateway up and running in hours.

Key BenefitsSpecificationsRelated Products

Integrated Engineering

  • Reduced integration cost and time
  • Improved system communication robustness

Integrated Operation

  • Improved operational safety and performance

Integrated Maintenance and Diagnostics

  • Reduced system diagnostic time

Key Specifications:

  • Control Platforms Supported
    Series 3 Plus / Series 3++
    Series 5
  • Control Applications Supported

Package Contents:

  • Faceplate Graphics
    Individual grf files that match the DeltaV user interface
  • Control Logic Modules
    Individual fhx files
  • User Manuals
    Individual pdf files


  • System configuration and testing by CCC and Emerson
    Deployment of DeltaV modules and configuration
  • Annual support contract by CCC and Emerson
    Limited support and license upgrade on an annual basis per license

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