TTCR 14.1 Software Upgrade

Build cybersecurity defense

Cybersecurity is one of the growing concerns in the industry that can impact plant operations. Proper maintenance of your turbomachinery control systems is key to minimizing cybersecurity risks. TTCR 14.1 is a packaged release of critical system components focused on improving cybersecurity defense around your turbomachinery.

The process of upgrading to TTCR 14.1 is seamless and will not cause data loss or process disruptions. Your familiar HMI will continue to operate the same way with additional layer of cybersecurity defense in place.


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Secure your CCC turbomachinery control systems with Total Train Comprehensive Release (TTCR) 14.1


CCC utilizes the industry-recognized Nessus™ Vulnerability Scanner to systematically identify vulnerabilities during and after TTCR development. Vulnerability identification test in accordance with SSA-420 has identified no vulnerabilities of LOW or higher on TrainTools server running on TTCR 14.1. ^{*1}

*1 – Utilizing Nessus Vulnerability Scanner configured in accordance with ISASecure® SSA-420 standard with all typical system services running and hardening applied. Report as of Sep 7th, 2018. CCC has no affiliation with ISASecure® or Tenable®.

TrainTools Server Scan Report using Nessus Vulnerability Scanner

Upgrade seamlessly without disruptions

For customers with existing TrainTools servers running under older TTCR versions, the upgrade process to 14.1 is seamless and easy. The new release retains the familiar look and feel – requiring no additional training – while improving your system security. TTCR 14.1 upgrade is also a perfect opportunity to address obsolescence of Windows® operating system and PC hardware. Qualified CCC engineers will identify the right upgrade path and test the new system to assure full solution performance.

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Security Improvements

  • Upgraded SQL server and other third-party dependent libraries
  • Improved TrainTools User Accounts password complexity requirements
  • Improved TrainTools Diagnostics Utility for one-click comprehensive system diagnostics

Support for the latest Windows OS versions as well as VMware virtualization

Other Enhancements                                                                                              

  • Added support for dedicated Ethernet ports for communication with third-party systems (Prodigy)
  • Added support for floating point Modbus registers (Prodigy)


Contact an expert to start your TTCR 14.1 Upgrade