Turbomachinery Controls Best Practices: Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS)

Take a deep dive into the role turbomachinery plays in carbon capture and storage to learn best practices for optimization.

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Upgrade Your Cybersecurity

TTCR 15.3 delivers regular cybersecurity updates and usability enhancements while adding support for new products such as S5P and CCC Connect for PI System. Upgrading from older releases to TTCR 15.3 means you will stay up to date on security and technology.

Integrate New CCC Products

The new software release adds support for the following new CCC products for seamless integration:

Upgrade seamlessly without disruptions

For customers with existing TrainTools servers running under older TTCR versions, the upgrade process to 15.3 is seamless and easy. The new release retains the familiar look and feel – requiring no additional training – while improving your system security. The TTCR 15.3 upgrade is also a perfect opportunity to address obsolescence of Windows® operating system and PC hardware. Qualified CCC engineers will identify the right upgrade path and test the new system to assure full solution performance.


  • Higher visibility and use of the data in the plant
  • Improved robustness of the critical control system communications
  • Granular access control for better security
  • Support for more segmented and complex networking
  • Improved diagnostic and fallback algorithms
  • Improved communication reliability