Enhanced Reliability

Enhanced Reliability – Total Train Performance

CCC solves instances where operators are reluctant to operate turbomachinery in automatic mode.

CCC has strategically positioned more than 150 turbomachinery engineers and experts near our customers’ operational facilities in order to provide an unprecedented level of localized expertise, capability, consultation, customer support and turbomachinery optimization.

Our Competitive Advantage

CCC Consultants will identify and realize valueacross the lifecycle of your facilities. Our expertiseand experience are coupled with financial modelingto ensure the economic viability and success of yourproject. In some cases, CCC will guarantee the results,and offer pay-for-performance or bonus-typecontracts. CCC Consulting will yield benefits
during all phases of a facility’s lifecycle:


Capital Cost Avoidance

CCC optimization services will analyze a preliminaryengineering design, identify and reduce capitalcosts by properly sizing equipment and controlcomponents. These cost savings are balanced withoperational performance requirements and reliability by utilizing CCC’s extensive field experience.

CCC optimization services will review your Process Flow Diagrams, Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams, Piping Isometrics, Machine specifications, Mass and Heat Balance to enhance your processes. CCC can also optimize machine selection and modificationsunder a variety of operational use cases.

Detailed Design

Our analysis will avoid capital expenses through
the appropriate sizing of equipment. In one example,our consultants negated a compressor replacement project by analyzing and implementing a piping change and controls upgrade.

  • Our Extensive Experience Includes:
  • Process, Piping & Machinery Design
  • Optimization Equipment Selection
  • Valve Sizing
  • Control Strategies
  • Economic analysis
  • Specification & design documentation
  • Turbomachinery automation systems
  • Instrumentation specifications
  • Integration with DCS and historians
  • Mechanical retrofit for turbomachinery control
  • Emulation and dynamic simulation
  • Machinery Performance Monitoring Services

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