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Turbomachinery trains are the heart of your process. How reliably and efficiently you operate them directly impacts the overall reliability and efficiency of your plant. From identifying opportunities to getting the system in operation and beyond, our experienced team of engineers will be with you to develop a solution that solve your specific challenges.

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The two principle techniques for removing NGLs from natural gas streams are the absorption method and the cryogenic expansion method. These processing techniques account for around 90% of total worldwide natural gas liquids production. Operational efficiency and reliability is crucial in the process of separating natural gas liquids (NGL) from “raw” natural gas fields. Optimizing feed-gas compressors, cryogenic expander-booster compressors, absorption refrigeration compression systems, and residual gas compressors is critical to maximize the production of NGLs, reducing plant downtime, and maximizing methane throughput.


Natural gas is a major source of energy; however, users are located far from gas fields making transmission through pipelines impossible. By super-cooling natural gas to -160 degC (-260 degF), the gas (primarily methane) becomes a clear and odorless liquid occupying 1/600th of its volume in its gaseous state. The liquefied gas can then be efficiently stored & shipped to the various users around the world.


Refining, ethylene, and ammonia production plants have long since operated with minimal process automation and are challenged to produce at their highest production rates to take advantage of volatile oil prices. One day of lost production can cost a plant $500,000 on average for an ammonia facility and up to $2M on average for a refinery. To achieve the highest efficiency possible and avoid losses it is more critical than ever to ensure your process has an integrated turbomachinery control solution.


CCC has been serving thecopper mining and steel industries since the very beginning of our nearly 50-year history. Today we have installed and are supporting successful installations with virtually all the major copper producers working all around the globe and a majority of the major steel producers.