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Performance Control

Control of the process and control of the rotating equipment used in the process are often considered separately.

Performance control, also referred to as capacity or process control, of the compressor is extremely important because it governs the process. Oftentimes performance control and antisurge control can have conflicting control objectives and since both manipulate the compressor’s operating point, the interaction can result in an unstable process, and poor operational efficiencies. It can even cause compressor surge since the interaction starts at the surge control line. Not having integrated performance and antisurge control systems can result in de-tuned loops to minimize the interaction. This leads to poor pressure control and large surge control margins. It can also lead to manual operation which can be wasteful if not dangerous when the antisurge controller is put in manual. Without precise and integrated performance control, the process will not operate at its optimum point resulting in possible loss of revenue or wasted energy.

Integrated control maximizes the compressor operating envelope

The CCC Performance controller uses advanced control techniques and patented algorithms to give efficient, smooth and precise control of the process. Integration with the CCC antisurge controller eliminates control oscillations and allows for narrower surge control margins and operation closer to process limits. By utilizing the Pressure Override Control (POC) feature, the companion antisurge controller helps control the process variable for more responsive and precise process control. POC provides quick and stable recovery from process upsets as well as aiding in antisurge control.

Adaptable for wide range of process and compressor applications

Because the CCC Performance is fully configurable, it can control a wide range of process variables for all types of process applications. Some of the key features of the CCC Performance control application include:

  • Fully automated loading and unloading sequencing
  • Seamless transition between primary loop and limiting loops (configurable up to 3)
  • Invariant coordinate system to handle varying molecular weight and changing process conditions
  • Proven Parallel and Series load-sharing control
  • Primary and alternate control loops
  • Bumpless transfer between Remote and Local set point modes
  • Full integration with the CCC Antisurge controller
  • Special applications for Power Recovery Trains
  • Special applications for cryogenic expanders