Turbomachinery Controls Best Practices: Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS)

Take a deep dive into the role turbomachinery plays in carbon capture and storage to learn best practices for optimization.

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Return Material Authorization

How to Return Equipment for Repair or Replacement

Please contact CCC at the email address below to obtain a Return Material Authorization number before completing the RMA form. For emergency service please contact CCC Technical Support.

Instructions for Return Material Authorization

  • The Return Material Authorization (RMA) Form must be received containing the RMA#.
  • The RMA FORM must be shipped with equipment to be repaired.
  • When returning failed parts for repair, please keep in mind CCC prefers the complete controller be returned.  This way the entire unit can be tested. If only parts are returned the failure may not be in the unit returned.

Shipment Instructions

Upon receiving your RMA# within the RMA form, you are now permitted to ship.  Please include the completed RMA form with the shipment.  Pack the items to be returned in a sturdy shipping container, only using ESD safe packaging materials.  If possible, use original packaging.

Remove the product as described in the maintenance procedure section of:

  • Publication UM6102 for Prodigy products
  • Publication UM5104 (simplex) and UM5106 (duplex) for Series 5 Vanguard products
  • Publication UM5152 (simplex) or UM5154 (duplex) for Series 5 Reliant products
  • Publication UM8406 (GP), UM8407 (GD), or UM8408 (GDX) for Vantage products
  • Publication UM8404 for Guardian products
  • Publication UM4001 for Series 4 products, or publication TN72 for Series 5M products
  • Publication UM3000H for Series 3++products, or publication IM300H for Series 3 Plus products

CCC control system equipment and Laptop PC’s contain Lithium Button Cell and/or Lithium Ion batteries and must be returned to CCC in accordance with the following instructions.

CCC Equipment

  1. Lithium Button Cell batteries for CCC equipment may only be returned to CCC if they are still installed in the equipment. Lithium Button Cell batteries may not be shipped loose or packaged with other equipment.
  2. Lithium Button Cell batteries identified by the manufacturer as being defective for safety reasons are forbidden for transport. If Lithium Button Cell batteries for CCC equipment are in this state, do not return them under this RMA. Contact CCC for further instructions.
  3. Lithium Button Cell batteries that have been damaged or have the potential of producing a dangerous evolution of heat, fire or short circuit are forbidden for transport. If Lithium Button Cell batteries are in this state, do not return them under this RMA. Contact CCC for further instructions.
  4. All RMA shipments of CCC equipment containing Lithium Button Cell batteries shall be returned in accordance with the requirements below:

Limit Per Package: 2 Laptop PC’s
Marking Required: None (Lithium Battery Handling Label is NOT Required)

International shipments

Return PREPAID Freight and duties, “DOOR TO DOOR” via DHL, Emery (UPS Supply Chain Solutions) or Burlington Air Express (BAX) to “MUST CLEAR CUSTOMS IN DES MOINES, IOWA, USA”.   These carriers have Power of Attorney to customs broker for CCC without delays.   We prefer you DO Not Use Federal Express as CCC will incur additional customs clearance cost.  Absolutely DO Not Use the Standard airlines as they require additional documentation and outside broker clearance.

If the goods are returned by a freight forwarder and does not deliver to Des Moines for Customs Clearance, CCC will then have to get an outside Broker to clear customs with delivery delays of approximately two weeks and additional cost of $300.00 to $500.00 that will be charged back to the Customer or Distributor for the import fee charge to CCC for customs clearance.

The Commercial Invoice should have this Statement on it:  “USA goods return to Manufacturer, for Warranty Repair and/or Replacement”and use Schedule B/Harmonized Code: 9801.10.0000.  By using this statement and number, duties should be waived as return to manufacturer.   This makes it quicker and easier to receive goods without incurring additional customs clearance for non- duty goods.

Ship to: Compressor Controls Corporation
Attn: RMA #
4745 121stStreet
Des Moines, Iowa  50323-2316 USA

Technical Support

Please use the following number to talk to CCC’s technical support team.

  • USA and Canada:
  • Latin America:
  • Asia Pacific:
  • Europe and Africa:
  • CIS:
  • Middle East: