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Series 5M

Series 5M (Migration) is a product specifically designed for customers with aging Series 4 controllers.

Upgrading to Series 5M allows you to prolong the Series 4 system life cycle while providing cost savings, risk reduction and improved ease of use.

Cost Savings

  • Reduced process downtime – upgrade in less than a week
  • Unit-by-unit upgrade to support load sharing with Series 4 units
  • Minimum personal training required

Risk Reduction

  • Field-proven Series 5 control applications
  • Automatic engineering project conversion
  • Retain existing panel, wiring, and DCS communications
  • “Reverse” option for returning the original cards to chassis if upgrade could not be done in a given time

Ease of use

  • ASM compliant TrainView®2 HMI for safe plant operation and ease of navigation
  • Advanced diagnostics for simple maintenance
  • Sequence of Events (SoE) for root cause analysis
  • Fast and reliable Ethernet communications

Key Specifications:

  • Redundancy Options: Available to purchase in simplex or duplex chassis
  • Chassis Power Options: Retaining existing chassis power inputs
  • Chassis Dimensions (HxWxD): Retaining existing chassis dimensions
  • Communication Options:
    Redundant Modbus RTU RS-422/RS-485 or
    Redundant Modbus RTU over TCP via External Converter
  • Operating Temperature Range: -5 degC to +45 degC

Series 5M control system is compatible to run the following control applications:

Driver Controls

  • Expander Control
  • Gas Turbine Control
  • Speed Control
  • Extraction Control

Driven Equipment & Process Controls

  • Antisurge Control
  • Performance Control
  • S Control (Cold Recycle)
  • Quench Control
  • Simple PID Control
  • Utility Turbine Control
  • Logic Control (IEC 61131-3)