Turbomachinery Controls Best Practices: Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS)

Take a deep dive into the role turbomachinery plays in carbon capture and storage to learn best practices for optimization.

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Statement on Diversity and Inclusion

As a global organization, we are acutely aware of the value that diversity brings to our workplace and our lives.

We absolutely object to racism of any kind in any of our worldwide locations, in the workplace, or in our communities. We actively work for a supportive and inclusive culture and environment where all races, backgrounds, and beliefs are treated with dignity and respect.

2020 has presented itself to be a challenging year. Each of us has had to make significant changes to our daily lives in coping with COVID. Now more than ever we must be supportive of each other and understanding of our differences. Let us be mindful, empathetic, and supportive of each other as we navigate these historic times.