Turbomachinery Advisor | A Submodule in Honeywell Asset Performance Management Software

Enhance your turbomachinery performance and reliability by leveraging the power of digital and embedded expertise.

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Field Engineering

Your rotating equipment is one of your largest investments, and it is critical for you to protect it. Maximizing productivity and efficiency by minimizing downtime and repair costs is a simple concept often hard to translate into practice. This is why successful and trouble-free planned outages are crucial for your operation.

Outage optimization services

Preventative maintenance outages always involve a component of risk and can create highly stressful situations for everyone in the plant. Having the perfect plan might not be enough if you don’t have the right people to execute it. This is when you need the best possible level of technical support, so that you can fully assess the risks and identify areas for performance improvement and process optimization.

World class field service

CCC Field Service brings its 50 years of experience and unmatched customer satisfaction to provide an expert assessment and a comprehensive system optimization. Our goal is to deliver the most reliable system for a more efficient machine operation which will increase your equipment life-cycle. Here are a few of the common services packages:

On-Site System Review

  • Monitor live performance of the system
  • Review system configuration vs. field instrumentation
  • Review antisurge valve performance
  • Analysis of start-up and shutdown procedures

Off-Site System Review

  • Assessment of equipment operation (review of critical events, alarm logs)
  • Review of current configuration and project documentation vs. as-built docs
  • Review of current operating parameters vs. original operating conditions

In Process Optimization

  • Surge line verification, test and re-configuration
  • Controller fine tuning and optimization based on current process conditions
  • Operator workstation checkout

Outage Optimization

  • Hardware checkout and maintenance
    • Analog signals recalibration
    • Digital signals checkout
    • Serial valve calibration and DCS checks
  • Antisurge valve calibration including stroke check