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Antisurge Control

Centrifugal and axial compressors are susceptible to surge which can cause catastrophic damage to your turbomachinery train.

The Antisurge controller is one of the most critical turbomachinery control applications that protect a compressor from surge by continuously calculating the distance between the compressor’s operating point and its surge limit line. The controller modulates a recycle or blow-off valve to prevent the compressor’s operating point from reaching the surge limit while maintaining other process variables within safe or acceptable limits.

Advanced algorithms reduce control margins

The CCC antisurge controller accurately models the surge limit line for all operating conditions of the compressor. Our controller combines both closed and open loop control responses to prevent surge without requiring a large control margin while minimizing recycling and unnecessary upsets to the process. In addition, the CCC Antisurge controller can seamlessly provide limiting control such as low suction pressure and high discharge pressure through the use of recycle or blow-off. Through coordinated control with CCC Performance control, the Antisurge controller helps maintain the process which allows for closer operation to process limits and reduced surge control margins.

  • Antisurge PI Response
  • Derivative Response
  • Recycle Trip® Response
  • Safety On® Response

Adaptable for wide range of compressor applications

From a single stage air compressor to multi-section sidestream refrigeration compressors running in parallel, the CCC standard antisurge control application can be adapted to a wide range of process applications simply through configuration parameters. Some of the key features of CCC antisurge control application include:

  • Fully automated loading, unloading and emergency shutdown sequencing
  • Seamless transition between primary loop and limiting loops (configurable up to 3)
  • Invariant coordinate system which handles varying molecular weight and changing     process conditions
  • Parallel / series machine load-sharing control (with Performance control application)
  • Recycle balancing between parallel compressors
  • Proximity to choke (stonewall) calculation
  • Proven antisurge algorithms for sidestream compressors
  • Support for variable geometry compressors such as those with guide vanes