Turbomachinery Advisor | A Submodule in Honeywell Asset Performance Management Software

Enhance your turbomachinery performance and reliability by leveraging the power of digital and embedded expertise.

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TrainTools® is a suite of PC applications used to configure, operate, and monitor CCC turbomachinery control systems. The software comes in multiple package options and can be delivered on various form-factors to adapt to your specific operation needs. TrainView® operator HMI software is a part of TrainTools that enables customers to interact with CCC control systems through its intuitive graphical user interface.

Standardized interface for each platform and application

All CCC products, including TrainTools and TrainView software, are purpose-built and meticulously standardized. This “People Independent” system design approach ensures that the systems we provide are robust, consistent in design, and fast to deploy. Through standardization you can significantly reduce commissioning time and operator training time. Standardization on HMI libraries also means that any enhancements on the software platform can be delivered to existing systems with minimal effort. This enables you to maintain the integrity of the system as well as to increase its value over time.

See everything down to the millisecond

Events like compressor surge happens in a very short time window, and being able to see and record the exact sequence of such events in high resolution is a must in getting to the root cause. TrainView software seamlessly organizes all of the critical turbomachinery operation data into a tab based navigation bars and split-screen buttons. Data presentation methods include:

  • Dynamic process system overview screen with I/O’s
  • Scrollable list of current alarms and historical events
  • Trend graphs for plotting real-time or replaying recorded process data
  • Real-time compressor / turbine operating maps
  • Fully-featured controller faceplates for changing set points and mode of operation

Critical Event navigation helps you get to important incidents quickly

When analyzing past trends, one of the most important attributes to look for are the critical events. TrainView has an extensive set of navigation options including the signature Critical Event navigation.

For maximum operator awareness, each Critical Event is time stamped and displayed as a trends when it happens. Critical Events cover events such as: SafetyOn (surge detection), Emergency Shutdown, Controller Failure, and Controller Fallback.