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Discover the benefits of bringing CCC’s best-in-class turbomachinery controls inside your Honeywell Experion PKS.

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About Us | The Leaders in Turbomachinery Optimization

More Than 40 Years and 10,000 Turbomachinery Trains Optimized

CCC (Compressor Controls Corporation) is the leader in Turbomachinery Train Optimization Services for the upstream, midstream and downstream Oil & Gas industry. Process, controls, safety & technology engineers, and plant managers optimize plant efficiency every day utilizing CCC’s expertise. Since 1974, more than 10,000 installations have benefitted from more than two billion hours of CCC’s operational experience. This expertise is executed in a comprehensive platform of hardware, software and consulting services that optimize turbomachinery to improve process performance, increase yield, save energy, reduce downtime and enhance plant safety & security. CCC’s optimization services are technology-agnostic. No other controls or automation provider can serve your needs better with local support and a legacy of proven results.

CCC Turbo Train Optimization Experts

  • Focused on turbomachinery
  • 40+ years of industry experience
  • Over 10,000 installations
  • Own the turbomachinery optimization space in the oil and gas industry
  • Over 2 billion hours of operational excellence
  • Platform Agnostic
    • Works with any brand of turbomachinery
    • Works with all operating systems
  • Proven reliability
  • Dedicated platform for turbomachinery optimization
  • Upgrade path for components

Local Experts in Turbomachinery Train Optimization

Headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa – USA and with offices located in major oil and gas production regions around the world, we have strategically positioned our employees to provide an unparalleled level of turbomachinery optimization expertise, consultation, and customer support close to you.

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Experience in Turbomachinery Optimization

Our world-class team of turbomachinery optimization engineers improve your performance, increase your yield, enhance your equipment reliability and solve challenging problems facing your processes.