Two Billion Hours of CCC Operational Experience…Your Turbomachinery Optimized

Since 1974, more than 37,000 turbomachinery installations in process plants around the world have benefitted from more than two billion hours of CCC’s operational experience.

Att CCC, we are not an equipment or software vendor. Instead, we are a trusted partner to our customers who use process gas compressors in upstream, midstream, downstream refining, petrochemical and chemical processing industries. We have the tools, expertise and foundation to deliver real results no matter what your centrifugal compressor brand, control platform or industry. Our rich history is a testament to CCC – Expertise in Turbomachinery Optimization.

CCC is incorporated in Des Moines, Iowa USA
  • Founders are Russian immigrants, Naum Staroselsky and Rutshtein, and local businessmen, Jack Ladin, Larry Ladin and Fred Lorber
  • Company’s goal is to provide consulting services and sell valuable know how in the area of compressors control
Six patents received
The turning point in CCC
  • Naum Staroselsky assumes full control of CCC
  • Algorithms Recycle Trip and Safety on are patented
  • First large order from ISU – a model of a control system for Republic Steel
  • Changes the direction of business – from consulting and selling the know how to design and manufacture of control systems equipment
CCC develops its very first PCM Controller, which is unveiled at the hydraulic test stand in Pittsburgh
  • Exxon, US Steel and Bethlehem Steel representatives express serious interest in the PCM based control system
  • Fortune Magazine publishes the story about CCC
  • PCM Controller heralds the beginning of the global specialized turbo machinery control business
CCC sales and reputation are on the rise
  • Amount CCC customers are such renowned companies as Total Petroleum Refinery, AMOCO, Algoma Steel and Taylor Systems
Analog controller Series II is developed
  • Besides the anti surge control, Series II contains algorithms for automatic load sharing between compressors. This function is a unique attribute of CCC systems
  • CCC growth continues. Number of employees reaches 20. Sales and marketing functions are added. The company now has repeat customers.
  • The company is completely debt free.
E.G. Bailey Award from Instrument Society of America
CCC featured in Business Week magazine
Naum Staroselsky is an honored member of the international Who’s Who
CCC is honored by the Academician A.M. Lyulka Ward by a Russian Turbine OEM AO Lyuka-Saturn
Long-term General Agreement between CCC and Russian GAZPROM, followed by the largest contract in CCC history.
  • Annual sales reach $65 million
  • CCC receives ISO 9001 Certification
Roper purchases CCC

Series 4 hardware and software platform is developed

  • The number of CCC systems installed worldwide exceeds 4,000
CCC is organized into two separate divisions: Total Train Control and CIS/Eastern Europe
  • CCC receives the Energy Pioneer Award from the US Department of Energy for its achievements in energy savings
CCC is 25 years old
  • Worldwide, over 5,500 axial and centrifugal compressors and steam and gas turbines in various industries, including oil and gas, petrochemical, gas transmission, chemical, steel, manufacturing and electric utility are operating with more efficiency with the help of CCC control systems
Series 5 Vanguard/Reliant control system was introduced
Series 3++ was introduced to the marketplace
David Coslin is named President of CCC
Prodigy control system is introduced
Commissioned the first Prodigy control system in Alabama, USA
Ed Maslak is named President of CCC