Turbomachinery Controls Best Practices: Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS)

Take a deep dive into the role turbomachinery plays in carbon capture and storage to learn best practices for optimization.

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Two Billion Hours of CCC Operational Experience…Your Turbomachinery Optimized

Since 1974, more than 10,000 turbomachinery installations in process plants around the world have benefitted from more than two billion hours of CCC’s operational experience.

At CCC, we are not an equipment or software vendor. Instead, we are a trusted partner to our customers who use process gas compressors in upstream, midstream, downstream refining, petrochemical and chemical processing industries. We have the tools, expertise and foundation to deliver real results no matter what your centrifugal compressor brand, control platform or industry. Our rich history is a testament to CCC – Expertise in Turbomachinery Optimization.