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Ammonia | 1 Day of Lost Revenue can cost $500K

As global food demands continue to increase, so do the pressures on Ammonia production. With ever-increasing production targets – and oftentimes aging equipment – our customers are telling us that maintaining process availability, maximizing process efficiency, and ensuring appropriate energy consumption are becoming more and more challenging.


In an ammonia plant there are several critical processes that are prone to process disturbances and risk affecting plant production:

  • Natural gas flow to the primary reformer
  • Air Flow to the secondary reformer
  • Syngas pressure at the suction of the syngas compressor
  • Suction pressure of the ammonia refrigeration compressor for efficient liquefaction of ammonia


CCC control systems can provide precise, stable control.  This is achieved by improving rotating speed regulation or throttling control, reducing or eliminating recycling, and effective limiting control of critical unit parameters.  Minimizing excursions from process disturbances not only minimizes process shutdowns but also allows you to control more efficiently and ultimately increase production.


Our customers safely operate closer to their process limits, with reduced risk of trips and achieve more process throughput.  Typical results not only include a reduction in process disturbances but also achieve up to a 2% increase in production.