Turbomachinery Controls Best Practices: Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS)

Take a deep dive into the role turbomachinery plays in carbon capture and storage to learn best practices for optimization.

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Service Contracts

CCC Service Contracts – Providing Process Owners Superior Service for Turbomachinery Optimization

CCC – Compressor Controls Corporation provides continuous support to process owners and operators throughout the plant lifecycle. With over 45 years of operational experience, CCC customers benefit extensive engineering and field service capabilities, from FEED to engineering, commissioning, lifecycle support and migration.

CCC strategically positions offices around the world. More than 150 CCC turbomachinery engineers and experts are close to your plant sites for rapid deployment in case of emergency. CCC field service engineers have an average 12-years of detailed controls engineering experience. They will expertly maintain and optimize your turbomachinery controls and connected processes. No other turbomachinery controls company comes close to effectively delivering such a high level of experience to your plant site.

RMA Priority Module
  • For control and maintenance engineers demanding a quick return of material authorized (RMA) response
  • CCC provides less than 2 weeks guaranteed turnaround on failed items for all hardware in production and mature phases
  • Customers optimize spare part management, relying on quick RMA processing
Spare Parts Management
  • For maintenance managers and purchasing departments looking to outsource the spare parts management
  • CCC stocks a list of spare parts for each plant location as agreed to in the service contract and guarantees dispatch in the same day or within 24/48 hours depending on the region
  • Process plant operators will reduce local inventory and management of spare parts
  • Parts are only purchased when needed
Remote Support (OnTel)
  • For turbomachinery operators who need guaranteed immediate around-the-clock remote support
  • CCC provides technical support within 2 hours from the initial request 24x7x365 days via phone, e-mail and remote connectivity
  • Allowing customer to rely on CCC expertise to remotely analyze unplanned critical events and determine best corrective actions under emergency response
Preventive Maintenance
  • For turbomachinery operators to maximize equipment uptime through scheduled preventive maintenance
  • CCC field service engineers perform scheduled maintenance on control system and instrumentation during online and offline operation of turbomachinery
  • Plant operators maintain and maximize system and process reliability
Tuning Performance Optimization
  • For turbomachinery operators who need maximum control system performance with minimal energy consumption
  • CCC field service engineers perform scheduled tuning performance optimization activities during online and offline operation of turbomachinery
  • Process plant operators optimize the production and energy consumption of their turbomachinery while keeping them at top performance over time and changing operating conditions
Remote Tuning Performance Analysis
  • For turbomachinery operators to maximize control system performance and minimize energy consumption with remote CCC engineering expertise
  • CCC field service engineers remotely review the TrainView® trends, alarms and events, then reports potential turbomachinery improvements for evaluation
  • Process plant operators optimize the production and energy consumption of their turbomachinery through time and changing operating conditions, with minimum investment in a recurring remote service
Maintenance Laptop
  • For operators who need access to CCC S3Plus and S3++ controllers not equipped with a TrainTools/TrainView station
  • CCC delivers CCC Engineering Utilities installed on a laptop or on CD for installation on a customer-sourced laptop
  • Operators connect, monitor, diagnose, backup and upload S3Plus and S3++ controllers
Online Training
  • For turbomachinery operators who need flexibility and easy access to training for their personnel
  • CCC provides one (1) free seat for the comprehensive  Tier 1 Basic CCC Control Application Theory Bundle  for 3 months after activation, and a 50% discount on any purchase of online training throughout the duration of the contract
  • Your operators will expand their knowledge of turbomachinery controls with an easy, on-demand online training format
Onsite Training
  • For plant managers who want to deepen their team’s knowledge on turbomachinery control theory and applications specific to their plant site assets
  • CCC provides classroom training sessions at your site, customized to your applications and control system design
  • Your teams will maximize their exposure to CCC turbomachinery experts and their in-depth knowledge of optimization and controls