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CCC Service Contract

Lifecycle Performance and Maintenance Coverage

Expert Support Solutions — Customized to Your Needs

In a typical plant, one hour of downtime equals millions of dollars lost. CCC understands the costs associated with halts in production, which is why we offer ongoing lifecycle support in the form of our Service Contract.

The CCC Service Contract is backed by our decades of turbomachinery control design, engineering and commissioning experience. It grants priority access to our global network of 150+ experts for emergency support while providing you with the parts, security updates and system upgrades you need to keep your critical turbomachinery online.
Most importantly, our Service Contract is entirely customizable. Service contract modules can be purchased individually or combined to create a more comprehensive support package. Discounts and prioritized support tiers are available in all Service Contract modules, scaling up based on Service Contract length.

Base Packages


OnTel offers peace of mind to anyone responsible for keeping your plant up and running. This 24/7/365 support service provides a reliable link to CCC field service engineers who, within two hours, can assist with any type of emergency that affects production.
Support is available through several channels, including phone, email, and Remote Connection to a TrainView Workstation. Optionally, in-house remote support hours can also be purchased for a fixed amount of time at discounted rates.




With OnCall, plant end users gain an additional layer of support to solve production-related issues. OnCall includes the same 24/7/365 access to CCC turbomachinery control specialists as our OnTel module, providing technical assistance within two hours by email, phone, and Remote Connection to a TrainView Workstation.

In addition to remote support, OnCall also features onsite support for issues that require a field engineer present. With the OnCall module included as part of your Service Contract, CCC guarantees dispatch of in-person support will be expedited with speed and availability varying by region.

Optional Modules


Preventative maintenance is a proven way to maximize uptime in your critical processes. Our OnSite-PM (Preventative Maintenance) module ensures this important component of system upkeep occurs at a custom interval of your choosing, providing you with more confidence in the reliability of your operation.
OnSite-PM includes system diagnostics checks, hardware replacements in duplex systems, TrainView communications testing, and more — all possible while your machines are still online. During shutdowns, CCC specialists can also perform controller software updates, testing of critical field instrumentation and grounding, and several other tasks. The full list of OnSite-PM activities is detailed in Appendix 1.

PMMachine OnlineMachine Offline
Preventative Maintenance- Alarms/Events Check
- System Errors Check
- Hardware - Replacement (Duplex Systems)
- Power Supply Voltage Checks
- Spare Parts Inventory Check
- Communications Check (Serial, OPC)
- TrainView Communication Check
- Time Synchronization Check
- IO Signal Quality Check
- PC TrainTools Diagnostic Export
- Configuration Backup
All ONLINE activities, plus:
- OS Update
- Failed Hardware
- Replacement
- Power Supply
- Replacement
- Grounding Test
- Transmitter Check
- Antisurge Valve Stroke Test


Correct control system tuning is essential to the safe, efficient and reliable operation of your turbomachinery controls. The OnSite-TPO (Tuning and Performance Optimization) module offers CCC’s expertise in this area at your location.
As part of our Tuning and Performance Optimization solution, a CCC field service engineer will interpret and analyze trends against current operating conditions, identifying issues in the DCS, ESD or CCC control platform before executing on the corrective actions necessary to improve operability. The full list of activities performed as part of OnSite Tuning and Performance Optimization is detailed in Appendix 1.

TPOMachine OnlineMachine Offline
Tuning Performance Optimization- Review of TrainView Trends
- Review of Critical Events (Recycle Trips, Safety On, Shutdown)
- Review of Manual Operation
- Review of Transmitter Input Signal Quality and Noise Levels
- Review of Actuator Performance
- Review of Control Quality for Each Control and Limit Loop
- System Voltage Check
- Identification of Potential Configuration and Tuning Improvements
- TrainView Archive Export (Full Archive)
- Configuration Backup
All ONLINE activities, plus:
- Transmitter Check
- Antisurge Valve Stroke Test
- Cybersecurity Test

At Startup:
- Overspeed Test
- Recycle Trip Test
- Surge Test
- Fine Tuning of Primary Loops, Limit Loops, Decoupling, Load-Sharing/Load-Balancing

Spare Parts ManagementSpare Parts Management

Spare parts management is yet another important responsibility for those leading maintenance or purchasing inside plants. CCC provides the expertise to develop a full spares assessment and report out what is critical to stock based on your CCC control systems. Additionally, CCC provides the option to stock these critical components for your site. This provides guaranteed availability and parts shipped fully configured and ready to use for the specific application.

Security Update Management

Control system security is vital to ensuring the safety of both the equipment and the workers inside your plant. The key to steadfast protection is a system that’s up to date with all the latest security patches. However, keeping up with these patches — and deploying them — can be challenging without the proper guidance, and risky if the patch somehow interferes with the operation of your system. With our Security Update Management module, you can rest assured that every security patch is vetted by CCC’s turbomachinery control experts. We review and qualify each patch at our headquarters using a real control system. A patch and qualification report is then submitted to our Customer Portal, where you can learn more about what the patch contains and what’s required of you to install it. Finally, you can download and install the patch on your TrainTools Server with the knowledge that your system will continue to operate as intended.

Modernization Agreement

CCC control systems are known for their reliability and longevity. Many customers are still operating legacy control systems that are outside of lifecycle support and do not have a clear plan on migrating to the latest platform. This puts operators at risk of significant downtime and upgrade costs should a major issue with the system occur.
Our Modernization Agreement was built to address the above situation, providing a clear pathway towards upgrading your legacy equipment to CCC’s latest control system platforms. Additionally, this provides the support and engineering expertise you need to ensure a smooth transition.
Combined with your base Service Contract, consisting of either OnTel or OnCall, CCC includes the system engineering for parameter conversion and updated documentation as well as a free Engineering Utilities license, preparing you for the transition to the new control system. Additionally, CCC can provide you with pre-scheduled preventative maintenance days to help keep your control system healthy and running until the next available shutdown to replace the legacy equipment.
This module provides 10% discounts on the hardware, field commissioning, and training for whenever these pieces fit into your planning cycle. With the Modernization Agreement, CCC helps get a plan in place to avoid the heavy impacts of emergency maintenance and upgrade costs.