CCC Inside for Honeywell Experion PKS

Discover the benefits of bringing CCC’s best-in-class turbomachinery controls inside your Honeywell Experion PKS.

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Field-proven Control Applications

Field-proven control applications for your entire turbomachinery train

CCC has an extensive library of turbomachinery control applications that can operate virtually any combination of driver, driven equipment, and process found in your plant.

Safely achieve the highest potential

CCC's field-proven control applications enable you to operate closer to machine limits without compromising the safety of operations. This is achieved through accurate modeling of the compressor performance envelope using an invariant coordinate system and the use of adaptive open-loop and close-loop responses. A wider operating envelope gives flexibility to your process engineer in optimizing key process variables - resulting in increased throughput and yield.

Maintain process variables - always

One of the key challenges in turbomachinery train control is to understand and address complex loop interactions. When an unexpected disturbance is introduced into your process, a poorly designed control system will fail to contain it - risking machine and process shutdown.

CCC's Total Train Control® solutions solve this challenge by integrating speed, antisurge, and performance capacity controls through advanced algorithms such as loop decoupling. Precise and stable control of critical process variables is achieved even during process upsets. This allows you to safely operate closer to process limits which provides further opportunities to optimize production.

The power of standardization

CCC control applications are configurable, not programmable. The controls can be configured for a specific application from a library of field-proven turbomachinery control algorithms. Each control application has been continuously improved and expanded over the course of 40 years. This powerful turbomachinery control library allows our customers to access best practices culled from over 10,000 turbomachinery trains CCC has commissioned worldwide. Our control applications can easily adapt to your needs through both offline and online configuration without the need for reprogramming the controller.

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