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CCC Inside

Best Turbomachinery Control Solution, Now Deployed in a DCS Platform.

As some organizations flatten automation architectures and implement turbomachinery control in the Distributed Control System (DCS), they face the challenges of simplistic one-off control solutions, limited application expertise, and sparse project and field service support. CCC Inside, built on our unmatched experience and control application code developed over more than 45 years, overcomes these limitations.

The CCC Inside control solution, designed for DCS platforms, meets all end users’ functional requirements.

  • The control application code boasts the same quality, reliability and key capabilities developed over 45 years experience on CCC Pro BuiltTM platforms (Prodigy, S3++, S5M, S5 Vanguard, etc.).
  • Faceplates and Turbomachinery Maps designs incorporate the expertise accrued on our TrainView HMI solution. Ease of operability and troubleshooting guaranteed.
  • Engineering Utilities facilitate and standardize engineering and field-service activities where resolution is a key factor.

This architecture is designed to integrate with different DCS platforms to bring consistency to the turbomachinery controllability and operability across multiple industrial plants, beyond multiple OEMs and process units.

CCC Inside the DCS Architecture

Supported DCS Platforms:

Global and Lifecycle Support

CCC Inside™ solution is executed by CCC global engineering and field service teams. Our process application knowledge and experience with many turbomachinery OEMs is critical for successful project engineering and commissioning. We keep expanding our global presence to work closely with all our customers at all stages, from FEED to commissioning and lifecycle support. Our financial and leadership stability has sustained business operations for more than 45 years and will continue for the lifecycle of the system.

End Users of CCC Inside Compression Controls Enjoy Benefits Including:

  • Standardized and best in class turbomachinery control applications
  • Advanced and easy-to-use operator interface
  • Effective commissioning tools
  • Consistency in sequencing and operability between CCC Pro Build and CCC Inside
  • Unparalleled engineering expertise from lesson learned on similar processes and OEMs
  • Scalable global engineering and field service support
  • Strong financial health

Consistent, repeatable, secure, scalable solution.