Turbomachinery Control

Turbomachinery Control (TMC)

Turbomachinery control (TMC) applications such as antisurge and load-sharing, as well as hard-ware platforms on which they are deployed, have been evolving through faster system response, higher availability, and standardization. Packaged turbomachinery control solutions (often referred to as Unit Control Systems) horizontally integrate critical control and safety functions. This solution development and support requires a strong expertise spanning across instrumentation and controls, process, and machinery.

At the same time, as end users continue to streamline plant operations through consolidation of resources, it is becoming increasingly important to have a consistent and well integrated plant monitoring and control environment. This improves operators’ situational awareness – helping respond to abnormal situations quicker with less errors and more safety.

CCC architecture for TMC solutions allows for easy integration with the DCS and historian through pre-developed integration packages. TMC becomes seemlesly integrated with theprimary operator screens and historian environment to further enhance the end user experience and add value through the lifecycle.


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