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Breaking Down Control Barriers

This paper discusses how plant historians enable users to collect all data necessary to properly manage and optimize the process and machine relationship.

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Many processes and reliability engineers believe that process control & optimization and asset condition monitoring live in two separate worlds. While data is exchanged across separate systems via communication protocols, such as OPC, DDE, HART, MODBUS, operational barriers remain in place. Teams tend to create knowledge- exchange walls around those systems.

As a result, the worlds of process optimization and asset condition management have evolved on parallel, but separate, paths. Experts in process optimization embed their knowledge and operational instructions in Plant Historians and Distributed Control Systems (DCS).

Reliability and machinery experts rely largely on dedicated online and offline Condition Monitoring Systems (CMS). While this line of demarcation may have become blurred by certain advances in automation technology, it has largely remained in place between process and asset expertise (Figure 1).