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Improve Operations with a Steam Turbine Mechanical Retrofit

This article explains how to improve facility operations with a steam turbine mechanical retrofit.

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The main reasons for deciding to retrofit a steam turbine with modern day equipment and controls is to improve safety, reliability, availability and controllability. When it comes to safety, older steam turbines are often operated with some degree of mechanical wear to the OEM governor and mechanical overspeed device or may have had modifications that are unsafe. In addition, older steam turbine hydraulic control systems can often have oil leakage which can be a fire hazard. Retrofitting the turbine controls can also allow the system to meet current API standards; API 611 Standard, Steam Turbines – General Purpose, API 612 Standard, Steam Turbines – Special Purpose Applications and API 670 Standard, Machinery Protection Systems.

A retrofit also improves the reliability and availability of the unit by preventing frequent nuisance trips and reducing maintenance time associated with old and unreliable equipment. Maintaining older equipment can be expensive and spare service parts are not always readily available. It can also resolve issues with oil contamination.