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CCC Announces Integration of its Turbomachinery Interface with the Emerson DeltaV DCS

Seamless Integration Improves Situational Awareness, Implementation, Maintenance, and Training for DCS Operators

Des Moines, IA – CCC (Compressor Controls Corporation) announces the DeltaV-CCC Smart Gateway, which integrates CCC’s renownedcontrol, safety and optimization products with Emerson’s DeltaV plant management Distributed Control System (DCS). As the global leader in turbomachinery optimization services for upstream, midstream and downstream operators, the Smart Gateway improves situational awareness and enables refineries, chemical and petrochemical plants to respond correctively to abnormal turbomachinery operational situations with increased efficiency and speed.

This works as part of a three-fold strategy for optimization:

  • Reliable high-performancehardware to operate driver and process equipment;
  • Technology-agnostic software to manage compressor and loop performance without approaching overshoot conditions;
  • Professional services to identify best practices and optimal solutions to provide quantifiable economic and reliability benefits.

The integration of CCC’s control interface with the DeltaV DCS feels seamless to operators, as CCC utilizes familiar DeltaV color themes and faceplates to enhance critical decision situations by providing comprehensive plant monitoring and control capabilities via real-time viewing of process values, trends, alarms and key performance indicators in processing plants.

Released in tandem with the Smart Gateway, CCC’s new joint interfacefeatures a library of DeltaV HMI components which provide automated data mapping and synchronization between both platforms.  Features include:

  • Out-of-the-box templates
  • Pre-engineered and standardized libraries to operate turbomachinery
  • Anti-surge faceplates
  • Capacity control faceplates
  • Speed Control faceplates
  • Integrated alarm management with high context alarming
  • Standardized user manuals
  • Professional services for plant managers and operators to identify and implement best practices for turbomachinery optimization.

The combination of an intelligent design, rigorous testing and extensive documentation (which is available at launch) simplifies the configuration process and eliminates theneed for additional training.  CCC provides a pre-engineered interface package that eliminates extraneous tasks, allowing current operators of CCC Series 3++ or PRODIGY® controllers to update software and take advantage of their new Smart Gatewayinterface.  CCC’s globally-localized Field Services teams can also install the software, with the entire process requiring only a few hours.

“Our customers expect integration between systems,” said Shun Yoshida, CCC Technical Product Manager. “The value of our global expertise – more than 2 billion consulting hours in 10,000 turbomachinery loops around the globe – works best when all turbomachinery optimization components are deployed together.  We’re committed to expanding the interoperability of our solutions with other systems, so that every plant operator around the globe can benefit from our expertise.”

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About CCC – Compressor Controls Corporation

CCC is the industry leading turbomachinery optimization company for the upstream, midstream and downstream Oil & Gas industry. Since 1974, more than 10,000 installations have benefitted from more than two billion hours of CCC’s operational experience.  This expertise is codified in a comprehensive platform of hardware, software and consulting services that optimize turbomachinery to improve processes, increase yield, save energy, reduce downtime and enhance plant safety & security.  CCC’s optimization platform is technology-agnostic, and CCCs local experts deliver field-proven solutions anywhere around the globe.  For more information, please visit: