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CCC Highlights Turbo Train Optimization at Turbo Pump Symposium in Houston

Industry Leader Focuses on Optimization Services to Enable Oil & Gas and Petrochemical Operators to Optimize Efficiency, Enhance Yield and Improve Safety & Security

CCC (Compressor Controls Corporation)today announced that it will be highlighting Turbo Train Optimization at the Turbo Pump Symposium, September 18-20, in booth #1835 at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston.

CCC’s Turbo Train Optimization utilizes a large, globally located professional staff to enable upstream, midstream and downstream oil & gas and petrochemical operators to improve efficiency, reduce downtime, and enhance the safety and security of their operations.  CCC collaborates with plant operators, as well as process, machinery & maintenance engineers to optimize the design and tuning of turbomachinery control systems in a manner that maximizes plant yield and minimizes energy consumption.

CCC’s core expertise is available for green-field projects and to analyze existing assets.

CCC optimization services are technology-agnostic and have local consultants who serve plant operator needs with a legacy of proven results:

  • CCC is the world’s leader in turbomachinery controls – more than 150 engineering experts located around the globe provide pragmatic solutions for turbomachinery challenges and improvements;
  • CCC professional services codify more than 2 billion hours of historical consulting expertise with more than 10,000 installations around the globe, to enable operators get the most out of their turbomachinery;
  • CCC partners with clients to balance process capacity, safety, yield, reliability and energy efficiency to meet or exceed economic and safety goals;
  • CCC optimization services are available on any turbomachine, including steam and gas turbines, and on any control platform. The expertise can be used to analyze and identify potential improvements on any system, regardless of control hardware;
  • CCC’s approach focuses on economic outcomes, based on pragmatic solutions from over 40 years of experience;
  • CCC is open to a variety of business models, including subscriptions, services and performance based agreements.

“Since 1974, we’ve enabled plant managers and process & technology engineers to optimize their plant’s efficiency in a way that increases yield, saves energy and improves our customer’s bottom line,” said CCC’s Rich Hall, Vice President of Product Management and Marketing.  “Total Train Optimization requires a unique combination of turbomachinery, process and controls expertise – CCC’s core value proposition is to deliver these elements in a mix that’s specifically customized to each plant’s needs.”

Visit CCC at the Turbo Pump Symposium in booth #1835, to meet with the company’s turbomachinery optimization experts.  For more information on CCC’s Turbo Train Optimization, please visit:

About Compressor Controls Corporation (CCC)

CCC is the Turbomachinery Train Optimization Company for the upstream, midstream and downstream Oil & Gas and Petrochemical industries.  Since 1974, more than 10,000 installations have benefitted from more than two billion hours of CCC’s operational experience.  This expertise is codified in a comprehensive platform of hardware, software and consulting services that optimize turbomachinery to improve processes, increase yield, save energy, reduce downtime and enhance plant safety & security.  CCC’s optimization platform is technology-agnostic, and CCCs local experts deliver field-proven solutions anywhere around the globe.  For more information, please visit: